ICICS 2023

The 25th International Conference on Information and Communications Security
18-20 November, 2023, Nankai University, Tianjin, China


The 2023 International Conference on Information and Communications Security (ICICS 2023) is the 25th edition of a series of highly successful international conference on information and communications security since 1997. The 2023 conference will take place on November 18-20, 2023, at Nankai University (Jinnan Campus of Nankai University (南开大学津南校区)), in Tianjin, China. Interested in participating? View the Call for Papers. The deadline for paper submissions is 23:59 on Thursday, April 6, 2023 (AoE)

Notice: ICICS 2023 will be held at Jinnan Campus of Nankai University (南开大学津南校区). More information on the venue page.

Past proceedings were released as the LNCS series of Springer.

ICICS 2023 Tianjin, China LNCS14252
ICICS 2022 Canterbury, UK LNCS13407
ICICS 2021 Chongqing, China LNCS12918
ICICS 2020 Copenhagen, Denmark LNCS12282
ICICS 2019 Beijing, China LNCS11999
ICICS 2018 Lille, France LNCS11149
ICICS 2017 Beijing, China LNCS10631
ICICS 2016 Singapore LNCS9977
ICICS 2015 Beijing, China LNCS9543
ICICS 2014 Hong Kong, China LNCS8958
ICICS 2013 Beijing, China LNCS8233
ICICS 2012 Hong Kong, China LNCS7618
ICICS 2011 Beijing, China LNCS7043
ICICS 2010 Barcelona, Spain LNCS6476
ICICS 2009 Beijing, China LNCS5927
ICICS 2008 Birmingham, UK LNCS5308
ICICS 2007 Zhengzhou, China LNCS4861
ICICS 2006 Raleigh, USA LNCS4307
ICICS 2005 Beijing, China LNCS3783
ICICS 2004 Malaga, Spain LNCS3269
ICICS 2003 Huhehaote, China LNCS2836
ICICS 2002 Singapore LNCS2513
ICICS 2001 Xi'an, China LNCS2229
ICICS 1999 Sydney, Australia LNCS1726
ICICS 1997 Beijing, China LNCS1334